Ciappy DJ


It all started at the age of 13 (in 1989, after two years of piano studying), when, with 10$ (that where for a membership in a soccer tournament!), he bought his first record by “Luigi’s” (Idea Suono Record Store), “LATINO” – Gino Latino (Two years later JOVANOTTI),(First Radio DeeJay “DEEJAY COMPILATION”).

At the age of 16, he started to work for one little Italian radio (Radio M5), where it was recognized for his style in playing his music.


Ciappy’s sound got his first, true identity, when, in a south italian garage, Ciappy met “the DJ” Gennaro Diceglie (one of the first, and true, italian man, supporting the House-Garage scene).

He became the godfather of Ciappy’s music style.

Shortly Ciappy started to work in many Italian disco-clubs:

“Hiper Maxi Disco”, “New Autodromo Club”, “ModoNovo”, “Eccellenza Club”, “Bollicine”, “Fragole Club”, “Tribù Privè”, “Dante’s Music Cafè”, “Notorius”, “il Laboratorio”, “Insomnia Club”, now he’s playing as resident DJ every Saturday night at sounds colors “SUITE 700” Privè.

In one of Ciappy’s live dj-set, Ioseph (from Ioseph Organizzation), listened and enjoyed Ciappy’s music style. Ciappy became a resident and guest dj at the same time, of all Ioseph events. Now he’s a regular guest of Ioseph’s “IBIZA ONE NIGHT” events!


Together with his dee jay career,he lives a parallel career as a dj-producer.

After many years studying music and computers programming, in 1998, he realizes his “C’House Studio”, and after two years of work, came out the first single: “Follow me” on Oxyd records (second on “Ibiza Favorite And News” in sept.2001).

After the great results of this first work, and his three remixes (“Supernova” – Disconauts on orbit / “I’ll be waiting” – FULL INTENTION [Rulin/D-Tension/Ministry of Sound] / “Tudo lindo” – AWA BAND (Defected), all three received good feedback and attentions by more italian labels, and in five years he produced more than 20 singles for many top house Italian labels, like “Oxyd records”, “Streetlab records”, “Loudbit” and “NoLabel” records (with Stefano Noferini executive productions!), “Time records”, “GoDeeva records” and many more…


Now “THE” call has arrived.. Jacko, part of the staff of the new TONY HUMPHRIES label, was the connection to finalize the deal for his new exclusive production forthcoming on Tony Records.. This slammin’ single is called “Sexy”..



Ciappy’s complete Discography and productions:


– June 2001 first double 12’’ “FOLLOW ME” on “OXYD records”.

– July 2001 remix, for Oxyd records, “Supernova” (Disconauts on orbit) and “I’ll be waiting”

(FULL INTENTION) (Rulin/D-Tension/Ministry of Sound).

– Aug2001 remix “Tudo lindo” (AWA BAND)(Defected).

– July 2002 “GIVE ME A DANCE” feat. ILARY pubblished by JAYWORK group on “T4DJ-streetlab records”.

– Oct2002 “IN MY MIND” for “SOUND 4 GROUP” with Stefano Noferini executive production, on “LOUD BIT records”.

– Oct.2003 to Feb2004 out on “LOUD BIT / NoLabel Rec.” with three singles (“IN & OUT” – “DJAMBé” – “SAMPA”).

– Apr 2004; five important relases on Time Records and Warner Music Italia compilations:

(“BONGOLATOR” – “KOGUAGUAN” – “BLACKOUT” – “C’HOUSE SAMBA” / Time Records. And “CIAPPY ONE” / Warner Music Italia)

– June 2004, four relases on Warner Music Italia:


– April 2005 three relases: “OPERA” – “SOUL SEXY” and “FALLING DREAMS” on Net’s Work Records.

– May 2005: “MY SOUL AND MY HEART” feat. Diosvany Hernandez Marino(Trumpet) on “STREETLAB Rec.”

Ciappy’s photos.