Juke Joint

Juke Joint was started in late June of 2004 consisting of DJ Dealer of Look At You Records and DJ Sensé from Casa Del Soul Records. Many people may be scratching their heads over this collaboration but when you get the full story, well, it makes perfect sense. DJ Dealer has been a shining light when it comes to Denver’s house music scene and it’s music industry in general. Formerly one half of the formidable duo The Pound Boys as well as being founder and owner of Look At You Records, DJ Dealer pretty much wrote the book when it comes to what goes on in Denver as far as dance music goes. With his production work and record label respectively, DJ Dealer has

quietly opened doors and laid down some crucial groundwork for many of Denver ’s up-and-coming producers and labels to get their careers off the ground and their record labels on the shelves in the marketplace. Although DJ Dealer seemingly just goes about his business “quietly”, much of his production work has made quite a bit of noise in the house community. Back in 1997 Dealer started Look At You Records (Denver’s first house imprint) and has been dedicated in putting out quality house music since it’s inception. With his hard work, perseverance, and talent put into the label and with his production work as The Pound Boys and as a solo artist, DJ Dealer has paved the way for a whole new generation of DJ’s and producers looking for more than just to play records in their home town. DJ Dealer has done original productions and remixes with artists like Joi Cardwell, Lisa Millett, Dajae, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Mary J. Blige amongst others over the years. He has also put out records from artists like Blaze, The Basement Boys, Soul Providers, Bini & Martini, The Audiowhores, and many others on Look At You. Dealer has set the bar at a very high level for what is possible for Denver’s dance community; past, present, and future.


Let’s reel things back to 1996 where DJ Dealer came across a young DJ that had a real passion for house music named DJ Sensé. In the early-mid nineties in Denver it was almost unheard of for a young DJ to be playing house music and actually know where it was coming from as well. Not only on a music level but on a history level as well. Having said this, Dealer brought DJ Sensé on to be the opener for The Pound Boy’s residency at Denver’s hottest afterhours club, Synergy. During this time of the Synergy residency, Dealer and Sensé began to get to know each other better and began building a friendship that has lasted to the present. DJ Sensé has also been responsible for all of

the graphic design for Look At You Records since it’s first release and the two have been working closely with each other on a personal and professional level since those early days. Throughout the years DJ Sensé ran and owned a record shop by the name of Casa Del Soul Records from 1998-2002. In 1999 DJ Sensé decided to add a record label to the retail store and with the help of DJ Dealer’s label experience and industry contacts Casa Del Soul the record label was born. Casa Del Soul concentrated on putting out a hybrid sounding house label landing favour with the World’s tech-house

community and has popped up on Lee Burridge’s “Nu Breed” on Global Underground, Fabric’s mix series featuring Eddie Richards as well as Fabric 10 featuring Doc Martin just to name a few. DJ Sensé also collaborated on a project as Rhythmcentric which came out on Dealer’s Look At You imprint and has been

one of the best selling titles in the entire catalog. Together now as Juke Joint, DJ Dealer and DJ Sensé plan to take their longtime friendship and working relationship into a whole new realm of things to create something new and exciting for the World’s

dancefloors. Stay tuned as Juke Joint comes to a speaker stack near you!

Juke Joint Discography


Original Productions

Juke Joint ft. Thea Austin “Deelight” (Swank – US)

Juke Joint ft. Yvonne Brown “Gotta Get Up” (Tony – US)

Juke Joint “Dance 2 House” (Look At You – US)

Juke Joint “Call Of The Wild” (Look At You – US)

Juke Joint “Baby Don’t Cry” Remixes (Look At You – US)

Juke Joint & Inaya Day “Respect Yourself” (Player – UK)

Juke Joint & Shawn Benson “Move” (Code Red – US)

Juke Joint “Melody Of The Mouth” (Big Love – UK)

Juke Joint “The Sawdust E.P.” (Look At You – US)

Juke Joint “Summa Time” (83 West – Canada)

Juke Joint ft. Drina “Consume Me” (Casa Del Soul – US)

Juke Joint “Rude Boy” (Big Love – UK)

Juke Joint & Shawn Benson “Whisper” (Look At You – US)

Juke Joint “Baby Don’t Cry” (Look At You – US)



UPZ “Prayer 4 Me” (Look At You – US)

Kirk Franklin “Looking For You” (Gospocentric – US)

Shanice “Every Woman Dreams” (Playtyme – US)

The Craftsmen “Wish” (Casa Del Soul – US)

50 Cent “Shake Dat Ass” (Interscope – US)

Ty Tek “Party Man” (Casa Del Soul – US)

Rue 5 “Two Times” (Look At You – US)