MKDV – John Crockett


Master Kev & David ‘Vibes’ Tobon were introduced by none other than the legendary Tony Humphries back in 1999. At the time, Kev and David were working side by side with Tony Humphries at the Yellorange label. They along with other DJ’s formed the unbeatable Yellorange team. They travelled together with Tony touring all around the world playing in many cities including Milan, Rome, Naples, Venice, London, Lisbon, Zurich, Berne, Biel, Lisbon, Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, SF, Miami , Washington DC and had successful Yellorange parties for at the WMC for 4 years. Around 2000, Kev and Dave teamed up with Kai, Marlon D and Phil D to form Underground Collective. It was a successful weekly Friday night party that had a 3 year run in the heart of Manhattan , NYC, with several WMC parties that still happen every year to this day. David, needing some time off, left the music scene for about 3 years in 2003 and decided he wanted to come back stong. MKDV the production team was formed in February of 2006 by Master Kev and David “Vibes” Tobon. Along with one half of the talented production duo of ‘Working Underneath’ producer/keyboardist John Crockett, they formed a partnership and worked on their first single together entitled “Twisted”. ‘Twisted’ soon became a huge buzz at the Miami Winter Music Conference. Played at all the big parties by the likes of Marques Wyatt, Tony Humphries, Louie Vega, Danny Krivit, DJ Spinna and Master Kev himself, ‘Twisted’ quickly became a WMC anthem. ‘Twisted’ was officially released on close friend DJ Spen’s Code Red Label which has been distributed and heavily promoted by Defected. Master Kev, David Tobon and John Crockett have incredible chemistry together and they are just getting started!! Check out David’s other work for ‘Lab Monkey’s’ and John’s work on labels ‘Stimuli’ , ‘Twirlspace’ and ‘Haus’Flor Recordings’. John’s music can all be found on Look for follow ups ‘Hysteria’ and more to come on Code Red/Defected as well as a new project for Tony Records and some remix projects including Ian Friday’s “Carib’s Leap” for West End Records. Stay Tuned!!! Master Kev bio ( David ‘Vibes’ Tobon bio ( John Crockett bio ( )

John Crockett

Greetings. My name is John Crockett. I’m originally from Newark, NJ. I’m a songwriter. Music composition and lyric writing have always been a natural part of my life since I can remember. I wrote songs all throughout my childhood and into my early teens. In 1982, at age 14, I discovered DJ-ing. Hip Hop (which was still “Rap” then) was only a couple of years old. I began cutting and scratching breaks, “Impeach the President” by the Honey Drippers and Rock/Pop songs like “Baby Come Back” by Player and “Stiletto” by Billy Joel. I took to DJ-ing as naturally as I had taken to songwriting and it seemed much cooler to my friends, so I put songwriting on the back burner to DJ. I got exposed to Tony Humphries in 1984, which made me stop cutting breaks to mix Disco and Dance Music. There really was no such thing as House music then. It would come out of Chicago about a year later. When it did, it changed everything. House music exploded onto the scene in NJ. Clubs like Docks, Sensations and Zanzibar became the mainstays for clubheads. I met singer Libby Jones in Club Zanzibar back in 1988. She introduced me to Ace Mungin, who allowed me to be a protoge’/junior producer in his legendary 6th Ave. Studio, that produced the likes of Jomanda, Intense, Charvoni… and the list goes on. I was back into songwriting, but I continued to DJ. It was here that I met DJ Nick Jones. In 1991, I sat in on a session as his keyboardist, which resulted in my first commercial recording exposure, “Get Down” and “Mizuho” – The Nick Jones Experience with Kalim Shabazz on Bobby Konders’ Massive B Records. These songs were engineered by my most influential Ace Beat mentor, Ben Rebel, with Ad Libs by Cassio Ware and the A side with Keyboards by Satoshi Tomiie. Not a bad first effort. I was off to a pretty fast start.

During that time, I tried with my Ace Beat recording partner, Arthur Perkins, to get independent deals with the many labels in and around New York, but nothing ever materialized. I grew frustrated and eventually, after a year or so of the most valuable teaching, instruction and exposure that I could have ever hoped to have gained, I left Ace Beat to partner up with Nick Jones. Nick and I began recording out of his apartment. We put a few things together but again, nothing truly materialized. At this point, I’d had it with the politics of music. I also had no regular access to a studio, so I had no regular outlet for my ideas. In 1992, I quit production and writing all together. But I kept DJing. I hooked up with Omar Abdallah in 1994. We began throwing a party at club Mirage in Newark on Thursday nights called “3AM Behavior”. It was a very icy and cold four week stretch in February with very low turn out. We decided to call it quits. I decided to get out of this music thing completely. I got a corporate job and got on with my life. By 1999, I had become a Wide Area Network Administrator for a large financial firm. Although I was away from DJ-ing, I had been stockpiling music; classic Rock, Disco, 70’s Pop and R&B on CD during the whole 5 years. I got a CD deck for mixing CD’s and I started playing again. In 2001, I won a mix contest on the The Deep House Page. As a result, I met Charles Gatling. Charles was a DJ that played all over the world while in the military. Now at home, he played a few local spots regularly, like Loretta’s and Club America in Newark. He also played a lot of mobile gigs. At the time, he had a residency at Club 1199 in Orange, NJ. He heard my DHP set and invited me to come out and play a guest spot with him. We became friends instantly. Weeks later, Charles mentioned that he was interested in getting into music production. I told him about my past experiences and associations and he was suprised. Not long after that conversation, in August of 2001, we formed Working Underneath to do our own productions. Thanks to Charles, I was back into songwriting and production.

We worked on our sound for nearly two years. In 2003, we got our first record deal with Siesta Music (SM044 “I’m the Wind” (feat. Libby Jones) and “How Lucky We Are” (feat. Toni Bowens). We went on to get deals with Spacekat Records (UK), Phuture Sole Recordings (NJ) and we did one song as “jE’zus bAk’flip” called “Sushi Roll” with Undo (Gossip). In 2004, we launched our own label, “Haus’ Flor Recordings ” and at the same time I launched my own personal imprint, “Twirlspace Recordings “. In spring of 2006, I started “Stimuli Recordings “, to have a vehicle for more progressive/”big room” style projects.

Then in May of 2006 I formed a new partnership with DJ’s Master Kev and Dave “Vibes” Tobon. We decided to go by “MKDV feat. John Crockett”. Our first single Twisted was a huge smash at the 2006 WMC. The buzz lasted well through the summer and the song was signed by Code Red Records and was officially released in Oct. 2006. Next, we remixed Ian Friday’s “Carib’s Leap” which will be released in 2007 on a West End Records remix compilation. Our follow up to “Twisted” (“Hysteria”) will also be released in early 2007 by Code Red. Tony Humphries (Tony Records) will be releasing our “6:56” before this year’s WMC. I would have to say that I’m most proud our remix of Louie Vega/Sara Divine’s “Special”, which will be released by Louie Vega on the B-side of a compilation with Quentin Harris on the A-side.

In late summer of 2006, Charles and I decided to close the chapter on Working Underneath and to transition the bulk of operations for Haus’Flor Recordings over to me to continue to run. We’re still really good friends and we talk/Email/IM several times per week. I still DJ, too.