The Black & White Brothers

The Black & White Brothers anthem “Put Your Hands Up” was released in the summer of ’98 and was a worldwide success selling in excess of 4 million copies. “Pump It Up” their follow up single went gold through out Europe the following year. “Pump It Up “ smashed all records again in 2005 when it was covered by Danzel and became the biggest selling record in Europe that year.

The Black & White Brothers is a world known dance music partnership comprised of two of Switzerland’s legendary DJ’s, Mr Mike and Djaimin. Both Djs have worked extensively all over the world; Mr Mike as DJ, MC and singer and Djaimin as DJ, producer and composer.

Working as a team Mr Mike and Djaimin were behind the ground breaking radio show “Pump It Up” for Swiss National radio station “Couleur 3”. Famous for it live outside broadcasts the show had a major effect on dance music culture promoting dance music in Switzerland and beyond.

The name Black & White Brothers originated from the racial diversity of the two DJs and is a symbol of racial harmony in the dance music industry and the world. Mr Mike’s soul roots singing and Djaimin’s outstanding talent as a dance music producer / composer combine to result in the incomparable sound of the Black & White Brothers.

After both pursuing their musical passions on a journey that has taken them in different directions; Mr Mike founding and developing the now well established MAP Dance record label and Djaimin collaborating with various artists and perfecting his production skills in his purpose built sate of the art recording studio, the Black & White brothers have made the first circle and there is a wealth of dance music experience inside.

The Black & White Brothers feel that the time has come to combine and reveal and share some of what they have seen, felt , found, heard and created during their separate journeys. It’s time once again to “Listen and believe”