From Israel comes UPZ which combines soul, funk, R&B and Afro-Caribbean sounds on top of house & urban grooves. UPZ features a host of talented artists originating from all four corners of the globe and now based in Israel.


UPZ releases have graced labels such as Objektivity, Farplane, Look at You, Camio, Cr2, Bubble Soul, Susu and soWHAT records. Support has come in from Brian Tappert, Jamie Lewis, Roger Sanchez, Dimitri from Paris, Keith Thompson, Rasmus Faber, Master Kev, Dixon (Innervisions), Tony Humphries, Audiowhores, Soul Central, Groove Junkies, Richard Earnshaw, DJ Pope, Pete Tong & Yossi Fine.


Avi Elman, who writes and produces the project, was born in Israel of mixed Turkish & Iraqi descent and raised in Kenya & South Africa where he developed a passion for Jazz, African and soulful grooves as well as being active in various live acts. He returned to Israel in 1997 and set up a recording studio in Tel-Aviv as well as DJ’ing in top Tel-Aviv spots such as Shalvata, Melle and Beach Bar.


Avi also runs soWHAT records, Israel’s pioneering House and urban label which he set up in late 2006. soWHAT releases tracks from the UPZ project as well as other artists such as Hillary Sargeant. On the remix roster you’ll find top notch producers such as Fabio Bacchini, Abicah Soul, Alex Senna (Sueno Soul), Ron Gelfer, Doruk Ozlen, Euan Mitchell, DJ Rico and more.




Pure Surprise, soWHAT records, 2006/2007/2009

12 Tribes EP, Look At You Records, USA, 2006

Mr. Manna (remixes), Faderz Records, Denmark, 2006

Rok Da Funk, Camio Records, UK, 2006

Afrika Wo-Man, Soulfunk Digital/soWHAT records, UK, 2006

Ki Sa Ou Di, soWHAT records, IL, 2006/2007

Touched By Heaven, soWHAT records, IL, 2007

Mundo Infantil, Farplane Records, Swe, 2007

Ti-Moune, Bubble Soul records, Spain, 2007

Moment with U, Bubble Soul records, Spain, 2007

Danger in the City, soWHAT records, 2007

Danger in the City (The Remixes), Camio records, 2007

noiZ, Objektivity(Abicah Soul Mixes) /soWHAT records, IL 2007

U Lift Me (soWHAT rec), 2008

Ki Sa Ou Di/Noiz EP – Yotam Avni Mixes (soWHAT rec) 2008

Hangin on a Dream (Tony Records), 2010




United People of Zion (soWHAT records/Rambling records, 2007)

United People of Zion II (soWHAT records, 2008)

United People of Zion Remixed (soWHAT records, 2008)



Stone Love – Angie Stone (CDR)

Da Bump Vrs. Rok Da Funk – UPZ mash-up (CDR)

Wish I Didn’t Miss You – Angie Stone (CDR)

Fanga, Hillary Sargeant, soWHAT records, IL, 2007

Believe, Roberto De Carlo (Soultonic records), 2007

Open Your Eyes – Jihad Muhammed (Camio records), 2007

Vibrations, Danny Marquez (Bubble Soul), 2008

Sao Salvador – Mustafa (Staff Productions), 2008

Rock This Castle – Keith Thompson (Waking Monster), 2008

Las Llaves – Vincent Kwok (Adaptation Music), 2008

Sons of Soul – C 9ine (Bass, Breaks & Beats), 2008/9