Tony’s Traxxx ADE Edition

Various Artists



Various Artists
‘Tony’s Traxxx ADE Edition’
TR006DCD Tony Records

1. Break It (Broad Street Mix) – Dazzle Drums
2. Massive B – Dazzle Drums
3. The World Is A Ghetto (Club Mix) – Me And The Gang
4. Sun Beat – Me And The Gang
5. Disposable Society (Simone Barbaresi Hot Mix) – Doctormusic Project
6. Three (Original Mix) – DJ Vivona
7. I Remember (Paradise Dub) – 86 Deep
8. Love + Peace – 86 Deep
9. Afro Deep (Deepo Original Mix) – Urbe Deep Connection
10. She’s Dreamin’ Sunny Days (Deepo Original Mix) – Urbe Deep Connection
11. Floating (Original Mix) – Mr. Mama
12. Can You See (Original) – Shotdown

Selected and produced by Tony Humphries.
A&R: Tony Humphries, DJ Jacko, Maurizio Clemente
Published by T-Bear Music (ASCAP)

Track 1, 2: Tracks Written by Nagi & Kei Sugano
Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Nagi & Kei Sugano for Dazzle Drums
Recorded & Mixed @ Dazzle Drums Studio
Nagi & Kei Production.

Track 3, 4: Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Me And The Gang

Track 5: Produced, arranged and mixed by Simone Barbaresi & Andrea Soricetti for Doctormusic Project. Keys by Maurosaki. Drum programming, mixing & mastering by Andy Tee @ Melody Makers Recording Studios Ancona Italy.
Track 6: Produced, Arranged, & Mixed by DJ Vivona.
Track 7, 8: Arranged and mixed by Neil Rumney aka 86 Deep.
Track 9, 10: Produced, arranged and mixed by Urbe Deep Connection.
Track 11: Produced and Arranged by Mr. Mama.
Track 12: Produced and mixed by Shotdown.

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