Selected and Mixed by DJ Jacko

Yellorange History

The ‘Kept It To Ourselves’ Mixes

Produced by Tony Humphries

Selected And Mixed by DJ Jacko




1. The Minister Of Sound Ron Carroll Pres. Shawn Christopher “Can’t Give Up” (Unreleased Club Mix)
Produced, Mixed and Arranged by: Ron Carroll for MOS Prod. Written by: S. Christopher / S. J. Carroll
Publishing: Boopsidoodles (ASCAP), Sendy J. Music (ASCAP), Yellorange (ASCAP)
2. Pound Boys feat. Yvonne Brown “You Make Me Happy” (Luis Radio Main Vocal)
Produced by: Pound Boys. Vocals by Yvonne Brown. Remixed by: Luis Radio at Gigi’s Mama Studio, Rome (Italy)
3. Paul Simpson feat. Colonel Abrams “Could It Be” (Paul Simpson’s Unreleased Mix TH Edit)
Written and Produced by: Paul Simpson. Vocals by: Colonel Abrams.
4. Midnight Express feat. Sabrina Johnston “Freedom” (Paradox Unreleased Dub)
5. Midnight Express feat. Sabrina Johnston “Freedom” (Classic “12″ B. Boys Style Remix)
Written and Produced by: L. Papa and S. Johnston. Remixed by: The Basement Boys. Keyboards by: Gary Higgins.
Drum Programming by: DJ Spen. Engineered by: Phil Pagano. Vocals by: Sabrina Johnston. Background Vocals: Kenny Bobien, Eddie Stockley, LaTric Verreh.
Instruments Engineered by: Ken Johnston. Publishing: Mascotte Ed Musicali.
6. Mustafa feat. Natalia “Circles” (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)
Produced by: Mustafa. Vocals by: Natalia. Remixed by: Boddhi Satva for Offering Recordings.
7. Frank O’Moiraghi Presents Soweto Funk “Hey DJ” (Dub Instrumental)
Produced by: Frank O’Moiraghi. Co-Produced & Arranged by: Lo Greco Bros.
Publishing: DIPIU(Srl), Yellorange (ASCAP). Licensed from Reshape Records 2000.
8. B-Crew “Peacemaker” (David Harness Vox)
Written and Produced by: Barbara Tucker. Publishing: Eberhard Music (ASCAP)
9. Soulswitch “Believe In Yourself” (Unreleased Instrumental)
Written and Produced by: Cato Jones and DJ Cameron for Soulswitch Productions. Publishing: Yellorange (ASCAP).
10. S3 & The Truth “He’s Alright” (Jacko & Spellband Re-Touch)
Produced and Arranged by: George Sykes III for SIII Productions. Publishing: SIII Productions (ASCAP), Yellorange (ASCAP).
Re-Edited by: Jacko & Spellband.
11. Who’s That feat. Jackie Kemp “Ain’t Nothin’” (Jovonn Vox Remix)
Produced by Rick ‘Ricardo’ Shaw & Patrick Sean Mclain for Flipgroove Music.
Publishing: Flipgroove Music (ASCAP), Yellorange (ASCAP).
12. David Tobon & Adam Cruz Project “Revolution”
Produced by: D. Tobon, A. Cruz. Publishing: Smooshen Music (ASCAP).
13. DJ Pope & Una “In My Arms” (Marques Wyatt & Groove Junkies Vocal Mix)
Produced by: DJ Pope for Brothers In The Struggle Productions. Vocals by: UNA. Publishing: Pope Pump Muzik (ASCAP), Yellorange (ASCAP).
14. Miguel Plasencia Pres. Figueroa “Cuidado Con Los Enbori” (Bonus Remix)
Produced by: Miguel Plasencia. Vocals by: Figueroa.
15. AJ “Can’t Get Enough” (Kerri Chandler Vox Remix)
Produced by: Jovonn Armstrong for Baseroom Productions. Written by: A. Jackson. Remixed by: Kerri Chandler.
Publishing: For All Pro Music (BMI), Vonton Chic (ASCAP).

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